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VCE, formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel, accelerates the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models that dramatically reduce the cost of IT while improving time to market for our customers. VCE, through Vblock™ Systems, delivers the industry's only fully integrated and fully virtualized cloud infrastructure system. VCE solutions are available through an extensive partner network, and cover horizontal applications, vertical industry offerings, and application development environments, allowing customers to focus on business innovation instead of integrating, validating and managing IT infrastructure.

Cloud Builders

VCEMany IT organizations have come to appreciate the cost savings and operational efficiencies of a private cloud model for delivery of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). The private cloud infrastructure available from Vblock systems delivers pervasive virtualization in a single, integrated system that combines compute, network, storage, virtualization, and management capabilities.

IaaS is a growing category of cloud services. Not all cloud infrastructures are the same. The integration of compute, network, storage, virtualization and management components into a converged infrastructure such as Vblock systems is unique. Most other private cloud reference architecture platforms require the complex and problematic integration of these components.

VCE provides an optimized information technology system that ensures secure and predictable performance through pre-engineered, modular infrastructure that enables standardized processes and operations. This enables faster development and deployment of applications, improved utilization, and lower operational costs.

We help customers accelerate technology adoption and promote innovation, while maximizing adaptability and protecting investments.

In summary, VCE can help:

  • Optimize Infrastructure
  • Secure Environment
  • Speed Deployment
  • Lower Cost
  • Promote Innovation

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Cloud Solutions

Why Cloud?

The Next Generation Data Center is not just about cool technology. It involves changes in processes, governance, staffing, and the tight alignment of IT capabilities with strategic business goals. It's about changing the cost model to fund innovation.

Cloud simplifies and automates processes that today tie up valuable IT resources and present obstacles to business innovation. By reducing IT complexity, cloud puts the emphasis on quality of service to the business. That means IT adds more value and the business gains a competitive advantage.

Only VCE delivers a completely integrated cloud infrastructure. Vblock systems deliver SLAs to the business and easily scale capacity as needs change. And VCE is accountable for supporting the entire infrastructure. No more worries about interoperability and multivendor support.

Built on an Intel foundation, Vblock systems deliver performance while optimizing both footprint and power and cooling resources. With Vblock systems, IT can leverage technology to simplify IT operations and lower TCO.

Rapid Deployment

To keep up with changing business needs, IT must be able to provision and reclaim resources quickly. Whether it is standing up a new development environment or on-boarding new workers and their mobile desktops, time to service is essential. VCE integrates best-of-breed virtualization, networking, computing, storage, security, and management technologies to deliver Vblock systems—a unique, converged infrastructure to support a vast array of applications.

With Vblock systems, IT can:

  • Configure infrastructure resources using a common user interface
  • Aggregate as a single pool of shared capacity or segment into isolated pools
  • Expand from hundreds to tens of thousands of VMs
  • Configure to achieve compliance, availability, and fault isolation objectives

Vblock systems are factory-integrated to accelerate deployment, deliver predictable performance, and ensure interoperability.


Vblock Systems Products

The Vblock systems family of products includes the Vblock System 700, an enterprise-class, mission-critical system, and the Vblock System 300, an agile and efficient data center-class system.

The Vblock System 700 is an enterprise-class, mission-critical system that incorporates the industry's best director-class fabric switch, most advanced fabric based blade server and the industry's most trusted storage system.

The Vblock System 300 is an agile and efficient data center-class system that incorporates a high-density, compact fabric switch, a uniquely integrated fabric based blade server and best-in-class unified storage.

Vblock Systems Management Framework

The VCE strategy is to provide intelligent systems management of the Vblock system as a single system entity, providing optimized services and direct integration into VMware technologies.

Our unique approach eliminates the need for traditional, manually intensive integration of system resources. An extensible API integrates leading management tools to protect investments in existing management frameworks, and provides a standard access path for future management offerings and innovations.

Vblock Virtualization

Vblock systems are designed to offer the fastest and most complete integration of VMware virtualization technologies.

Solutions Optimization

Vblock systems are optimized for enterprise, custom, and vertical applications running mission critical workloads. Our systems are uniquely capable of supporting highly virtualized mixed workload, multi-tenant environments.

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