Scality Cloud Builders

Scality is focused on helping telecommunication operators, enterprises, and service providers decrease their cost of storing petabytes of files and Big Data, while improving reliability and performance. They offer a software solution which creates a highly reliable, self healing, distributed storage environment deployed on x86 servers running Intel® Xeon® processors. Their customers include multi-petabyte sites such as Time Warner Cable in the US, Telenet in Europe, and Nifty in Japan.

The reference architecture presented in this Intel Cloud Builders paper discusses a distributed infrastructure, configuration options, and various advanced data storage services.

Cloud Builders

This reference architecture defines a distributed environment perfectly aligned to the needs & expectations of service providers and large enterprises today.

RING delivers a cost-effective, largely proven, on-premise Google or Amazon-like environment, storing billions of objects and handling hundreds of millions of transactions every day.

Scality offers the capability to configure and run this kind of service with all the control and monitoring needed. Scality's philosophy is to provide and build such large storage infrastructures with off-the-shelf commodity servers, binding the servers together in a logical storage platform.

Cloud Solutions

For at least a decade now, the inexorable growth of the "cloud era" has compelled the IT industry to adopt the cloud and accommodate its spinoff trends, such as consumerization of IT, big data processing, and all types of convergence. The associated growth of unstructured data necessitates a radical new approach to data storage.

Using only off-the-shelf components, particularly x86 servers running Intel Xeon processors, Scality RING provides reliable, enterprise-grade mechanisms for data protection and continuity of service. Thanks to an intelligent mix of replication and erasure coding technologies, data durability beyond twelve nines (99.9999999999%) can be reached.


The key to the RING's performance is its massively parallel architecture that fully utilizes all storage servers to sustain very high aggregated data transfer rates and IOPS levels. The RING is designed to scale linearly to thousands of storage servers, which may be completely heterogeneous in design and capacity. However, some key advanced features require a fast CPU, perfectly aligned with the Intel Xeon processor family to deliver a new level of quality of service.

Data Center ABv40e

Scality has developed a unique approach, perfectly suited to the exponential growth in storage demand. The RING allows you to grow in step with your business needs without having to worry about costly and complex hardware refresh cycles. Compared to other commercial storage systems, the RING cuts total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50 percent. The reduction in TCO is made possible by the use of commodity servers, simplified operations and a flexible pricing model.

The RING Organic Storage solution uses a distributed, decentralized, and geo-redundant peer-to-peer architecture where data is evenly spread among all participating storage servers. The system is an aggregation of independent, loosely coupled servers in a "shared nothing" model, logically unified in a "ring" to provide unique linear scalability, cost efficiency, and data protection.

The RING also provides exceptional fault tolerance, protecting against all types of outages (failed disks and servers, silent error corruption, network and power interruptions, etc.). It ensures high availability thanks to intelligent data placement within one site or across multiple sites. It accomplishes this without the use of a central database, which would otherwise conflict with Scality's philosophy of eliminating all potential single points of failure.

Scality's mission is to deliver uncompromisingly hyper scalable and high performance infrastructure assembled from very low cost standard components. RING does this by constructing a virtually infinite and elastic logical storage space based on standard commodity x86 servers and disks.

Scality RING offers multiple key features that improve quality of service and data resiliency. Among them, three are fundamental for the most exacting storage environments:

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