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Explosive data growth has stretched hardware-based storage—and IT resources—to their limits. It's time to free your information from its aging infrastructure. And exploit it.

Red Hat® Storage, an open software-defined storage solution, delivers a continuous storage platform across physical, virtual, and cloud resources. So you can transform your big, semistructured, and unstructured data from a burden into an asset. Making it nimble. And smarter.

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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide for Content Cloud Storage with Red Hat Storage®

To meet escalating capacity requirements in the cloud, providers are turning to a “scale-out” storage infrastructure. Red Hat Storage based on the GlusterFS technology combines industry-standard servers and standard storage components. The Red Hat Storage architectural model — basing cloud storage on a set of converged storage servers — allows providers to scale resources to boost capacity, bandwidth, and I/O performance as required with minimal time to deployment and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

This paper illustrates a scale-out storage reference architecture to demonstrate a “content cloud storage” deployment with Red Hat Storage built on top of Intel® Xeon® processor family.

  • Elastic, Deployment-Agnostic, Runs on Standard Hardware
    Red Hat Storage works on industry-standard Intel® hardware, no purpose-built hardware needed. It allows IT admins to add/remove storage resources on-demand, without application disruption.

  • Scale-Out, No Metadata Server
    Red Hat Storage eliminates the need for a separate metadata server and locates file algorithmically using an elastic hash algorithm. This no-medadata-server architecture ensures that there is no central point of failure, improves performance and provides linear scalability.

  • High Availability: Replication (and Geo-Replication)
    The replication feature in Red Hat Storage provides active-active mirroring within a data center while ensuring high-availability and fault-tolerance in the event of server/OS crashes and networking failures.

  • Predictable Performance across a Variety of Workloads
    As a scale-out, software only system, Red Hat Storage was designed to perform across a wide variety of workloads, to enable customers to economically achieve very good performance levels under less than ideal conditions. Red Hat Storage provides enterprises the ability to easily adjust configurations to achieve the optimal balance between performance, cost, manageability, and availability for their particular needs.

Red Hat Storage

Red Hat® Storage is unlike any other enterprise data storage solution. It's open, software-based, customizable, flexible, and affordable. A more innovative—and painless—solution.

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