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Piston Enterprise OS is a complete, end-to-end solution for building a massively scalable private OpenStack compute and storage cloud. Piston Enterprise OS combines all of the features of OpenStack, a hardened and secure custom-built Linux operating system and Piston Cloud’s unique Null-Tier Architecture to power massive cloud environments. With Piston Enterprise OS, you can build a fully functional, secure private cloud with all of the features of OpenStack in under 10 minutes using off-the-shelf hardware. Engineered for a 99.99% hands-off installation, Piston Enterprise OS ensures your data is secure, and removes the hours of time, complexity and technical expertise traditionally required to build private clouds.

Cloud Builders

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Piston Enterprise OS powered by OpenStack
Built on the new Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 Product Family

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide:  Piston Enterprise OS powered by OpenStack Piston Cloud and Intel have worked together to prototype a private cloud computing test bed running a private cloud on a cluster of 21 Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers. The solution architecture includes several enhancements to OpenStack in the areas of security and ease of installation, and take advantage of Intel based servers.

Cloud Solutions

  • Piston Enterprise OS, powered by OpenStack, allows the creation of a secure, standards-based private cloud offering for the enterprise. pentOS* utilizes your own infrastructure and provides the benefits of cloud computing while retaining the security, control, and trust of the private data center.

  • Hands-off installation with the pentOS CloudKey*. Enables enterprises to build a fully functional, secure private cloud in under 15 minutes using off-the-shelf hardware. Simply plug in your physical servers, configure and insert your CloudKey into your switch, and reboot. Engineered for a nearly hands-off installation,

  • pentOS is deployed onto a highly-available architecture that has zero points of failure, distributed and replicated volumes, and maximizes performance of compute and storage services.

  • Software updates are automatically downloaded over the Internet and installed on your cloud servers at a time of your choosing, reducing complexity and administration overhead.

  • pentOS is tested and validated across a wide array of commodity server hardware, minimizing lock-in and allowing you to grow your cloud according to your unique business criteria.