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Nimbula, the cloud operating system company, delivers a new class of cloud management software that uniquely combines the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of a public cloud with the control, security and trust of today's most advanced data centers.

Nimbula Director, Nimbula’s flagship product, transforms under-utilized data centers into muscular, easily configurable compute capacity. It was designed from the ground up to address the needs of enterprises and service providers. It is scalable, highly automated, easy to use and provides complete control over your cloud.

Nimbula was founded by the team that developed the industry-leading Amazon EC2 public cloud service.

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Nimbula Director, Nimbula’s flagship product, was designed from the ground up to provide powerful utility-grade cloud features, such as scale, automation, and control. Nimbula Director can easily scale up to thousands of servers and out to external or other private clouds, while maintaining the level of automation and control required to efficiently manage a big data center. With its advanced features like policy-based authorization, secure multi-tenancy, advanced networking capabilities (that enable dynamic and topology-independent network creation), dynamic storage provisioning, and monitoring and metering, Nimbula Director provides the complete cloud management solution to address the needs of enterprise customers and service providers.

More information on Nimbula Director can be found here.


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