Nexenta Cloud Solutions

Nexenta Systems, the world’s leading provider of OpenStorage solutions, embraces the scale-out storage approach with its core product – NexentaStor. A shift is underway in the enterprise data storage market from systems consisting of proprietary hardware and software towards an OpenStorage software model running on industry standard hardware. NexentaStor provides an open, unified storage management that allows cloud providers to take advantage of superior functionality features such as; unlimited scalability and snapshots, de-duplication, Virtualization, thin provisioning, and high availability support. Nexenta counters the high cost, inefficiency, and complexity of traditional legacy storage allowing providers to deploy high-capacity solutions at often 70-80% below the cost of comparable proprietary storage.

Cloud Builders

Reference Architecture: NexentaStor* - An Economical, Open Approach to Scale-Out Storage for Cloud Deployments

Nexenta Systems embraces scale-out storage with NexentaStor, its core product that counters the high cost, inefficiency, and complexity of traditional proprietary storage. This reference architecture outlines a cloud storage infrastructure that integrates pivotal scale-out technologies including NexentaStor*, Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers, and Intel® X-25M and Intel® X-25E SSD Solid State Drives (SSDs). It discusses scalable architectural components, configuration options, and essential storage services.

The reference architecture is based on a real-world use case in which a cloud provider selected NexentaStor because it delivered application storage that could scale effectively and economically over time. The design is easily extended to support alternate usage models, like that of capacity-driven Large Object Stores, in response to customer requirements.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing and storage providers are under severe price pressure, but they can’t sacrifice enterprise-class features like high performance, virtualization support, or bulletproof data integrity. At the same time, they need to manage multiple systems with pooled storage media serving multiple tenants, to increase the power and flexibility of their cloud services while remaining price-competitive.

NexentaStor – the leading hardware independent OpenStorage solution – is based around the revolutionary ZFS architecture, making NexentaStor the unsurpassed choice for enterprises looking for cloud storage options, either as a public service product or for internal use.

As data service providers increasingly move toward an Amazon-like model of storage and computing in the cloud, they face the need to keep hardware costs low while maintaining enterprise-class data integrity and performance standards, all while keeping management time and effort to a bare minimum.

Nexenta’s OpenStorage architecture provides significant advantages over legacy storage solutions. Three key points make NexentaStor the superior solution for cloud storage:

Maximum Efficiency

  • ZFS-based unified storage for NFS, CiFS, iSCSI, & Fiber Channel
  • Advanced features like 128-bit addressing, de-duplication & compression, thin provisioning, SCSI un-map, unlimited snapshots, copy-on-write clones, and individual file sizes; and native SSD performance
  • Runs on industry-standard commodity hardware, reducing cost and increasing flexibility

Ultimate Operational Flexibility

  • OpenStorage architecture makes it simple to reallocate storage capacity as customer demand changes
  • Runs on commodity hardware, enabling service providers to expand capacity rapidly by simply adding more disks and SSDs or upgrading processors, without hard limits and the “forklift” replacement costs of legacy approaches
  • Openly distributed REST API lets providers easily integrate NexentaStor’s power and flexibility into existing cloud storage infrastructure

Optimized for Multi-Tenancy

  • Runs as a Virtualized Storage Appliance
  • Provides ultra-fast virtual machine cloning
  • Optional VM Data Center module integrates NexentaStor tightly with VMware, Citrix Xen, and Microsoft Hyper-V, allowing cloud hosting providers to monitor and manage all three virtual environments in one view
  • Lets administrators define and deploy storage policies directly from NexentaStor to individual virtual servers