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NetApp and its best-in-class technology and delivery partners can help you successfully deliver IT as a service. The NetApp approach goes beyond technology to establish the operational and management best practices needed to maintain your shared IT infrastructure once it is deployed. With NetApp for cloud computing, organizations can drive down costs with industry-leading efficiency, increase business flexibility with rapid service provisioning, and improve operational and management efficiencies through a standardized, simplified, and automated provisioning process.

Reference Architecture

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Network and Storage I/O Control
Built on the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 Product Family

Virtualization I/O performance is one of the key considerations for IT department, and both Network and Storage I/O Control solutions and 10GbE networks are critical elements of the cloud architecture. VMware* I/O control can be used on Intel server platforms to address many of the I/O challenges and may be beneficial to users of virtualization technology.

Unified Networking 10GbE iSCSI on VMware ESX 4.1*

Storage solutions and 10GbE networks are critical elements of cloud architecture, and unified networking based on 10GbE provides a cost-effective solution for cloud storage architecture based on commonly used Ethernet technology. This reference architecture provides IT professionals with architectural insights and methodical instructions to build an evaluation lab with common network file sharing protocols such as Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI), running end-to-end in a virtualized environment on 10Gb Ethernet.

Unified Networking with 10GbE NFS on VMware ESXi 4.1*

This reference architecture provides complete architectural details with step-by-step instructions to set up an evaluation lab for one of the common network file sharing protocols such as Network File System (NFS), run over 10GbE from end to end in a virtualized environment. Included in the document are assessments of the functionality and performance observed during testing. This information will provide IT professionals a guide to better assess plans for the use of unified networking over 10GbE, and specifically NFS in a virtualized environment.

Unified Networking with NetApp*: 10 GbE FCoE and iSCSI

NetApp is a leader in the transition to 10 GbE unified networking, which provides flexibility and rapid access to the storage area network (SAN). This reference architecture provides instructions to set up an evaluation lab for FCoE and iSCSI, run over 10 GbE., which will provide simplified server connectivity through consolidation of multiple GbE connections onto a single adapter.

Cloud Solutions

NetApp and its partners have the hands-on experience required to accelerate your path to a shared IT infrastructure that delivers cloud-based services. Whether you are an enterprise or service provider, NetApp helps enable your success with our field-proven delivery methodology and best practices. Our core technology advantages include a unified architecture based on Data ONTAP that supports all application workloads; intelligent caching that provides faster performance at a lower cost; secure multi-tenancy that supports multiple tenants, applications, and security zones; integrated data protection; and a scale-up, scale-out architecture that enables your storage infrastructure to meet all of your business needs.

More information on NetApp Cloud Computing can be found here.

FlexPod Data Center Solution

Accelerate your transition to the Cloud with the FlexPod™ data center solution. Integrate disparate compute, storage, and network components into a single architecture that scales to fit a variety of customer environments. Reduce business risk, and increase data center efficiencies. Protect current investments, while scaling for future growth.

FlexPod is a pretested data center solution built on a flexible, scalable, shared infrastructure from Cisco Unified Computing System servers and Cisco Nexus switches, and NetApp unified storage systems running Data ONTAP. FlexPod components are integrated and standardized to help you eliminate the guesswork and achieve timely, repeatable, consistent deployments. FlexPod has been optimized with a variety of mixed application workloads and design configurations in various environments such as virtual desktop infrastructure and secure multi-tenancy environments.

More information on the FlexPod solution:

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