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HP Converged Cloud is the industry's first hybrid delivery approach and portfolio based on a common architecture that enables customers to build, manage, secure and consume cloud services that span private, managed and public clouds as well as traditional IT. HP's Converged Cloud is based on open standards and supports multi-vendor, heterogeneous software and hardware. It is built on industry-leading HP Converged Infrastructure, HP Management & Security, HP Information Management, and OpenStack technologies. By extending the power of the cloud across infrastructure, applications and information, HP Converged Cloud provides choice, confidence and consistency. This enables customers to speed innovation, enhance agility, and improve financial management across their organization.

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Scale IT performance with stunning efficiency. Deliver new applications and services in minutes instead of months. The result is an enterprise made more dynamic, flexible, and cost-efficient than ever before. But with all the potential of the cloud comes the need for centralized management, hands-on control over service levels, and tight security. HP can show you how to master the cloud with the power of convergence.

HP Converged Cloud is the industry's first hybrid delivery approach based on open standards to enable you to build, manage, secure, and consume cloud services over private, managed, and public clouds, along with traditional IT.

HP Converged Cloud

HP CloudSystem

No matter where you are in your cloud evolution, HP can help you unleash the power of cloud computing to drive innovation across your business. With HP CloudSystem we can help you:

  • Choose the right cloud for your business—private, public, or hybrid
  • Automate, orchestrate, and accelerate the deployment of new applications and infrastructure
  • Manage your cloud and existing IT through a single
  • Support a full range of services (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)

HP CloudSystem lets your enterprise gain agility and speed, and allows service providers to drive top-line growth. As part of the HP Converged Cloud portfolio, the industry's first hybrid delivery approach based on open standards, HP CloudSystem delivers unparalleled choice.

By delivering the only integrated approach to cloud computing, HP can help you leverage the cloud's advantages while avoiding the risks.


Build your path to the cloud with HP Converged Infrastructure. No other cloud infrastructure integrates such a comprehensive range of technologies, including servers, storage, and networking, and then gives you the benefit of managing them through a simple, streamlined approach. HP Converged Infrastructure delivers:

  • Standardization on a common, modular, flexible infrastructure
  • Virtualization of servers and storage to simplify deployment and unleash new efficiencies
  • Automation from infrastructure to application

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, HP Converged Infrastructure and its common architecture lets you enter the path to the cloud at any point to realize seamless integration and management with your existing environment.

Manage and Secure

Manage and secure your entire service portfolio and its underlying resources across the complete lifecycle to ensure services are delivered securely and cost-efficiently. HP can help you master the five critical capabilities of successful cloud computing:

  • Service portfolio management
  • Application readiness
  • Service automation
  • Service assurance
  • Threat and risk management


Consume external cloud services and capacity on-demand to meet changing business needs. Access services from an outside source to reduce capital outlays.

  • HP Enterprise Cloud Services run mission-critical applications and workloads in a highly secure environment hosted by HP
  • HP Cloud Services provides instantly
    consumable IT resources such as development workloads and business-grade applications run over standard Internet technology

Professional Services

Move from your legacy IT model into a dynamic service-centric, hybrid delivery model. Applications and infrastructure services become shared, flexible IT pools that drive new efficiencies and opportunities. HP consultants can guide you through every stage of the cloud development process to help you:

  • Define your cloud direction and strategy
  • Facilitate a business-of-IT discussion
  • Develop an execution plan, business case, and project roadmap
  • Design your cloud infrastructure and plan your implementation
  • Build an enterprise-ready cloud specifically for your business
  • Manage security, compliance, and governance issues
  • Ensure ongoing education and support

HP Converged Cloud Offering

With HP Converged Cloud, based on HP Converged Infrastructure, we can help you:

  • Choose the right cloud for your business—private, public, or hybrid
  • Automate, orchestrate, and accelerate the deployment of new applications and infrastructure
  • Manage your cloud and existing IT through a single view
  • Build an open environment that evolves with your business
  • Have HP consultants help you strategize, build, integrate, manage, and secure your cloud with services that support every stage of the adoption process.

Additional HP Converged Cloud Offerings

  • HP Converged Cloud is an ideal platform for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It enables you to provision infrastructure and applications in minutes rather than months. HP Converged Cloud offers a self-service infrastructure portal for auto-provisioning and built-in lifecycle management to optimize infrastructure, monitor applications, and enable uptime for cloud and traditional IT.
  • HP Converged Cloud Enterprise is focused on clients looking to deploy the full range of service models—Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). This configuration lets you unify management across private, public, and hybrid clouds, and adds advanced infrastructure-to-application lifecycle management.
  • HP Converged Cloud Service Provider is ideal for service providers looking to deploy public and hosted private clouds, and to deliver owned and third-party cloud services. It provides complete service aggregation and management for cloud services.
  • Concerned about the effort to build a solution. HP Converged Cloud is a fully integrated environment so you can focus on defining your cloud services, rather than on integrating cloud technologies. You don't need to worry about fragmented solutions.
  • Concerned about vendor lock-in of cloud solutions. HP Converged Cloud is an open solution that supports many operating systems, hypervisors, and even heterogeneous infrastructures. Rather than locking you in to a particular cloud solution, we support best-of-breed technology whether it is currently in your environment or not.

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