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Gproxy Design, a leading Interactive Agency specialized in Online Commerce solutions that provide design, development, online marketing and UI/UX consulting services. With over 11 years of industry experience, they understand and share Intel’s “client aware concept”, and they bring to the cloud their product CLIDES; the first client device's scoring method based on the device's capabilities.

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CLIDES, or Client Device Score, ranks a client device’s capabilities, including CPU, CPU load, connection type (LAN or Wi-Fi), bandwidth, and screen resolution. This score is key to enabling cloud services that are client-aware application, to optimize the user experience based on the compute, context and capabilities of the client device.

CLIDES gives you access to information about your users’ devices. Using that information you would be able to offer user interfaces optimized to the client’s capability of performance. This also benefits the Cloud Computing Network, because the information about the client performance capabilities would release the pressure of the servers and give the client more data to process, like filtering databases, sorting data or reporting.

The client’s device now becomes a smart player of the Cloud.

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