Enomaly Cloud Solutions

Founded in 2004 Enomaly is the global leader in the fast growing cloud space. Enomaly’s core product is the Elastic Computing Platform (ECP), often referred to as the world’s first infrastructure as a service platform (IaaS) and SpotCloud, the first of its kind cloud capacity clearinghouse and marketplace for service providers.

Cloud Solutions

Enomaly creates solutions to quickly and easily transform static servers into shared, elastic computing clouds and provide users with simple access to the scalable capacity they need to address their business requirements.

As the leading innovator in cloud computing, Enomaly products count many industry firsts.

  • Enomaly’s core Elastic Computing Platform (Enomaly ECP) has often been described as the world’s first true IaaS platform.

  • The Service Provider Edition of ECP was the first complete IaaS solution designed for the specific needs of cloud hosting providers.

  • The High Assurance Version of ECP is the first and only current IaaS solution that can assure the integrity of the complete software stack residing in the cloud.

  • Most recently, SpotCloud is the world’s first and only global cloud capacity clearinghouse and marketplace.

Enomaly IaaS solutions encompass the full spectrum of cloud infrastructure scenarios, from a simple one-to-one, private cloud scenario (ECP); to the many-to-one hybrid and public cloud scenario (ECP Service Provider Edition), to the many-to-many cloud marketplace (SpotCloud).

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