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EMC, a global leader in storage, cloud infrastructure and services, is committed to helping organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud. EMC’s cloud vision begins with the private cloud, and advances toward cloud federation—simplified and flexible management of IT resource pools across data centers and public, private and hybrid clouds. The vision is driven by an infrastructure that is secure, efficient, scalable, and integrated. With its virtualization-optimized storage systems and service offerings that range from cloud strategy design to data center virtualization, EMC is a clear choice for organizations that are ready to start building a private cloud.

Read the new Cloud Builders reference architecture that provides details on anywhere, any device secure access to enterprise storage with EMC Atmos and Oxygen Cloud.

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Cloud Solutions

EMC's expertise in virtualization, storage and cloud computing helps explain why, according to a 2010 analysis by Goldman Sachs, almost 40% of organizations choose EMC as their preferred storage vendor in virtualized environments.

EMC is ready to help customers with their Journey to the Cloud, no matter where they are along the path, and regardless of their implementation scale. For users of virtualized environments demanding unprecedented availability and high-end performance for their most critical business requirements, there is EMC Symmetrix VMAX. And, for geographically disbursed cloud environments, EMC helps customers automatically manage and optimize the distribution of unstructured information with a cloud-ready storage platform, EMC Atmos. EMC also addresses the core concerns when Virtualizing, performance, management and security, by delivering the best performance at the lowest cost with EMC Unified storage and EMC FAST Cache.

From a simplicity and ease-of-use perspective, EMC enables customers to effectively manage their virtualized environments, easily determining the relationship and dependencies between virtual and physical devices, through EMC Ionix and a rich set of vCenter plug-ins. Finally, EMC RSA is the leading security provider with SecurBooks and documented best practices to secure your virtual information across your company.

More information on EMC cloud computing can be found here.

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