Cloud On-boarding with CloudSwitch

For enterprise IT organizations who are looking to securely utilize public clouds and existing data center infrastructure, the decision to use a cloud for the delivery of IT services is best done by starting with the knowledge and experience gained from previous work. This reference architecture outlines how to extend the data center into the cloud using CloudSwitch software with Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series servers. This paper, which includes detailed scripts and screen shots, should significantly reduce the learning curve for building and operating your first cloud computing infrastructure.

Cloud Builders

Reference Architecture: Cloud On-boarding with CloudSwitch

Cloud on-boarding is the deployment or migration of data, applications, or integrated solutions of compute, storage, and network resources to a public, private, or hybrid cloud. This reference architecture outlines how to extend the data center into the cloud using CloudSwitch with Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series servers.

CloudSwitch is delivered as a software appliance which is easily downloaded and deployed into the data center. When deployed, CloudSwitch securely extends the data center into the public cloud by providing a secure layer-2 bridge over an encrypted tunnel between the data center and the cloud. CloudSwitch encrypts data in flight and at rest in the cloud, providing secure encrypted storage for virtual machines moved into the cloud.

Cloud Solutions

CloudSwitch enables enterprises to run applications in the cloud simply and securely, without re-architecting the application or changing management tools and policies.

For the first time, enterprises can run multi-tiered applications in the right cloud computing environment with point-and-click simplicity and no modifications. CloudSwitch’s innovative software bridges the enterprise data center with cloud computing services, extending enterprise security and control into the cloud. With CloudSwitch, applications remain tightly integrated with enterprise data center tools and policies, and are managed as if they were running locally.

With CloudSwitch Enterprise, you can:

  • Make the cloud a secure extension of your data center with full encryption & isolation

  • Point and click your apps into the right cloud with NO changes

  • Use your existing management tools and policies with cloud resources

  • Get cloud scaling and agility with NO lock-in — run your apps where you want them

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