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Cloudera offers enterprise-grade Hadoop, an open-source framework for running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware. As a result it delivers enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks and jobs, making it a remarkably low-cost complement to traditional enterprise infrastructure. Hadoop offers a different way to meet the challenge of big data and offers 10x better performance, increased flexibility and lower cost compared to legacy data management approaches.

Cloudera Manager marks the industry's first and only enterprise-ready management application for Apache Hadoop. Cloudera Enterprise 4.0, comprised of CDH4, Cloudera manager and expert support form an end-to-end solution that enables enterprises to integrate Hadoop with their existing enterprise data management systems for critical business applications and processes.

Cloud Builders

The reference architecture is a Hadoop solution based on Cloudera Enterprise Manager 4.0.1 coupled with an example setup of Cloudera's Distribution featuring Apache Hadoop , version 4 (CDH4), and running an example workload which comprises a series of typical Hadoop workloads created by Cloudera. The installation, based on Intel®-powered servers, creates a multi-node, capacity-optimized Hadoop solution. The reference architecture paper contains details on the cluster topology, hardware and software deployed installation and configuration steps, and tests representing real-world use cases that should significantly reduce the learning curve for building and operating your first Hadoop environment.

Big Data Solutions

Simply put, Hadoop can transform the way you store and process data throughout your enterprise. According to analysts, about 80% of the data in the world is unstructured, and until Hadoop, it was essentially unusable in any systematic way. With Hadoop, for the first time you can combine all your data and look at it as one.

Make All Your Data Profitable
Hadoop enables you to gain insight from all the data you already have; to ingest the data flowing into your systems 24/7 and leverage it to make optimizations that were impossible before; to make decisions based on hard data, not hunches; to look at complete data, not samples; to look at years of transactions, not days or weeks. In short, Hadoop will change the way you run your organization.

Leverage All Types of Data, From All Types of Systems
Hadoop can handle all types of data from disparate systems: structured, unstructured, log files, pictures, audio files, communications records, email– just about anything you can think of. Even when different types of data have been stored in unrelated systems, you can dump it all into your Hadoop cluster before you even know how you might take advantage of it in the future.

Scale Beyond Anything You Have Today
The largest social network in the world is built on the same open-source technology as Hadoop, and now exceeds 100 petabytes. It's unlikely your organization has that much data. As you need more capacity, you just add more commodity servers and Hadoop automatically incorporates the new storage and compute capacity.

Cloudera is a pioneer in bringing open-source technology to the IT table, and most people running Hadoop today are running Cloudera's distribution (CDH). This gives us a wealth of experience that we use to offer:

  • Cloudera* Enterprise. A simple subscription gives you operational support from Hadoop* experts as well as rich management, monitoring, alerting, and integration capabilities. This is provided in the form of additional software that integrates our open-source technologies into your existing enterprise IT ecosystem.
  • Training for Hadoop. Each year we train about 10,000 people through a number of courses with accompanying certifications. We teach people how to develop and how to administer the different open-source technologies we've developed.
  • Architectural services. Our architectural services help your organization through the processes required to successfully run a big data environment.

Get the Most From Your Hadoop Deployment
Cloudera Enterprise provides the centralized management and robust support that you need to operate Hadoop effectively as a mission-critical piece of your technology infrastructure. By combining CDH (Cloudera's 100% open source and enterprise-ready Hadoop platform) with a powerful management application and robust support, Cloudera Enterprise includes everything you need to deploy Hadoop quickly, manage it easily and integrate it with the technologies and processes you rely on to keep your business moving forward. If you're looking for the fastest path to repeatable success with Hadoop, Cloudera Enterprise is for you.

Get Up and Running Quickly
Cloudera Enterprise gives you a turnkey Hadoop solution that's ready to deploy and easy to configure. Cloudera has done the heavy lifting and will save you the thousands of man-hours ordinarily spent in testing, patching, configuration, bug-fixing, rollout and maintenance.

Manage and Monitor your Hadoop Clusters with Ease
Cloudera Enterprise drastically simplifies Hadoop management and administration. By increasing your visibility into the Hadoop cluster and giving you centralized control over the system, you can effectively manage even the largest of clusters with minimal dedicated staff.

Continually Meet or Exceed your SLAs
Whether your service level targets revolve around cluster uptime, performance, security or Quality of Experience (QoE), Cloudera Enterprise delivers everything you need to keep your Hadoop cluster running consistently and predictably.

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