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The benefits of greater IT agility, elasticity, savings and efficiency are driving many enterprises to adopt cloud computing. However, enterprise applications commonly depend on shared services, including directories and databases, which reside in the on-premise datacenter. These applications must be made to work in the cloud without migrating or duplicating the shared services.

Citrix OpenCloud is a pragmatic approach that makes the move to the cloud simpler and more successful for enterprises and service providers. OpenCloud offers enterprises the choice to leverage infrastructure technologies already in place or to add new ones, to connect their datacenters seamlessly to external clouds, and to provision applications and deliver them to their users.

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Cloud Solutions

Citrix OpenCloud solutions offer an open, pragmatic approach to cloud computing. Seven turnkey solutions, focused on practical cloud use cases and delivered by proven cloud providers, let enterprises immediately take advantage of cloud economics to address pressing business and IT needs. Citrix OpenCloud solutions let enterprises leverage existing investments, including third-party virtualization technologies and tools, to migrate application workloads to the cloud without having to overhaul existing applications or their underlying infrastructure. Cloud providers can extend the reach of their offerings by incorporating their expertise and best practices with the Citrix OpenCloud platform to deliver solutions that are both differentiated and competitively priced, and enable the trust and infrastructure transparency needed to serve as a seamless extension of the enterprise.

Citrix OpenCloud is powered by an open and extensible suite of technologies that includes a virtualization platform that abstracts computing resources; networking infrastructure that optimizes, manages and secures the network; network bridging and identity management tools that integrate on-premise and cloud resources; and orchestration engines and self-service interfaces that respond to business resource requirements. OpenCloud platform gives customers the choice to protect their investment and to attain the benefits of cloud computing without starting from scratch.

Citrix OpenCloud

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