“Micro servers” are an evolution of dense server designs, targeting unique applications in the internet data center such as lightweight web serving, simple content delivery nodes, and low end dedicated hosting. Micro servers are characterized by many 1-socket servers sharing common infrastructure (chassis, fans, power, etc).

Service providers are exploring a number of different server configurations to improve the efficiency and performance of their software – which in turn improves the TCO of the datacenter. For some users – deploying their software over a large number of dense, low power servers may be more efficient than a smaller number of more powerful servers. By developing on Intel architecture based systems – service providers can benefit from a common instruction set and software compatibility across multiple product lines spanning Intel® Xeon® processors to processors based on the Intel® AtomTM micro architecture.

The Intel Micro Server Evaluation Lab is a resource to help developers test their own software on Intel-based micro servers and analyze the potential benefits of various distributed, high density computing options. Currently developers can run their tests on the Dell PowerEdge C5220 system (with 12 Intel® Xeon® processors) and the Supermicro 2U Twin3™ SuperServer 2015TA-HTRF system (with 8 Intel® Atom processors). More systems will be available in the future.

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