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Go beyond SSO to control the entire lifecycle of cloud access. Intel provides the most comprehensive cloud access security suite that ties in web service/API security, Federated SSO, account provisioning, mobile OTP strong auth, audit, and “client aware” context based access control. The Intel Expressway product family falls under the Cloud Builders “Enhance Security” reference architecture models. The Trusted Client to Cloud Access model can be deployed to secure: enterprise access to SaaS/Cloud or to protect access to enterprise applications deployed in the cloud.

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Cloud SSO, Provisioning, Strong Auth, AuthZ
This software provides Enterprise class user account provisioning for cloud, Federated Single Sign-on (SSO) into SaaS applications such as and Google Apps, 2 factor strong and elevated authentication using OTP soft tokens, and context based access control leveraging identity attributes and integration with IPT (Intel Identity Protection Technology) clients. Cloud Access 360 supports open standards such as SAML, OAuth, OpenID and XACML to bring secure cloud connectivity to enterprises for both applications and data. Solution helps customers move beyond tightly controlled private clouds to a model where control, visibility, and compliance can be swiftly enabled across any public cloud provider or used for private or hybrid clouds.

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Cloud API Security, SOAP to Rest Mediation, High Speed Data Transformation
Offload API security, data transformation, REST to SOAP mediation, and token exchange, to a high speed gateway policy enforcement point at the network edge. Today, on-premise deployment of a centralized Service Gateway is recognized as the best practice deployment pattern for application-to-cloud, SOA or REST- based service interaction models. A Service Gateway enables the Enterprise to develop a standards-based policy enforcement point that is integrated with internal IdM, middleware, and auditing/monitoring infrastructure. After corporate control is established in a Service Gateway, administrators can offload security processing from middleware, safely expose APIs, and provide high speed data mediation…all from a gateway deployed at the network edge.

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  • Intel Expressway Cloud Access 360- Data Sheet
  • 360-datasheet

    This document outlines challenges with cloud access security and uses cases required for an enterprise to secure user access to the cloud and how to protect applications deployed in the cloud. Intel’s product suite is presented with capabilities for user account provisioning, SSO, strong auth OTP, client aware access control, and central audit.

  • Intel Expressway Service Gateway- Data Sheet
  • 360-datasheet

    This presents background on the problem of Web Service security for SOA and Cloud. In addition, this data sheet presents how to offload API security, data transformation, REST to SOAP mediation, and token exchange, to a high speed gateway policy enforcement point at the network edge. (Applies to all vertical industry sectors.)

  • Cloud Access 360 Demo – 10 Use Cases Demonstrated
  • 360-datasheet

    Each use case is presented with animation followed by the real world user experience. Covers: Bulk Provisioning, SharePoint SSO, Cloud to Cloud SSO, Mobile OTP Strong Auth, Cloud Data Access via OAuth, Profile Attribute Sync, De-Provisioning, and Visibility & Audit.

  • Security Gateway Buyer`s Guide
  • 360-datasheet

    Independent industry security expert Gunnar Peterson provides the analysis and decision support that will enable you make an informed choice when evaluating Security Gateways. This guide describes security architecture capabilities, common business use cases, and deployment considerations. Upon registration you will receive access to the white paper and a customizable technical RFP matrix.

  • Cloud Builders Service Gateway Reference Architecture Guide
  • 360-datasheet

    In this reference guide, you’ll find detailed use-cases that can be adapted to suit your specialized requirements, including:

    • Authenticating credentials for a Cloud operator
    • Policy Enforcement of Single Sign-On (SSO) Access to a Cloud
    • Secure Credential Federation for a Hybrid Cloud Environment
    • Two-Factor Authentication for Ensuring Client Credentials are Valid
  • Webinar March 17, 2011: Cloud Builders – Secure Cloud Access Reference Architecture Model
  • Webinars On-demand: End-to-End, Secure Client to Cloud Access
  • Download Trial: Cloud Access 360 or Service Gateway Software
  • 360-datasheet

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